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Frequently asked questions about pricing

Is there a charge for creating an account?

No! There are no costs for creating an account with Push Talk - you only pay for our service once you book an appointment with a counsellor. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions for maintaining an account with us; you just pay the single cost any time you wish to speak to a counsellor.

Why is the price so low?

High street counsellors typically charge anywhere between £120 and £180 per hour long session. As it usually takes several sessions to properly guide a client through their problems, you can see how the cost of counselling is out of reach of many. By honing our processes and devoting ourselves to efficiency, we’ve created a business model that allows us to offer cheap 15 minute consultations - handled by experienced counsellors - for significantly less than you'd expect.

Can I have more than one appointment at once?

Unfortunately, the price of offering an affordable service is time - our counsellors can only handle so many appointments a day, and currently we do not allow account holders to have more than one appointment booked at a time. However, once you have concluded your current appointment, you can immediately book the next one if so required!

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