Our counsellors offer care and advice across all areas

Educational Counselling

Sometimes school children need more support than what their school counsellor can offer. Counsellors can help students work through issues such as bullying, disabilities, low self-esteem, poor academic performance, social anxiety, problems with authority or problems at home.

Marriage and Family Counselling

Couples therapists and marriage counsellors treat some of the same issues as other psychologists, such as depression and anxiety, substance abuse, and PTSD. But their work focuses on issues that are specific to their target group, the family. Some common issues that family counsellors encounter are marital conflicts, adolescent behavior problems, domestic violence and issues related to infertility.

Mental Health Counselling

Mental health counsellors offer guidance to individuals, couples, families and groups that are dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being.

Counsellors treat many of the same problems as other psychologists: depression and anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, personality disorders, and just about any psychological issue you can think of.

Rehabilitation Counselling

People with disabilities face challenges that require creative solutions. Whether a person has a physical, mental or emotional disability, rehabilitative counseling helps them achieve personal and professional goals, and lead their lives more freely.

Substance Abuse Counselling

Because every patient is an individual and is struggling with addiction in different ways, substance abuse counsellors customize treatment plans for each client. They may meet regularly with clients as they recover, or work intensely with individuals in crisis.

They teach clients how to alter their attitudes and false beliefs, and develop strategies to overcome denial and rationalization in the hope of achieving full recovery. Because clients are susceptible to relapse, many substance abuse counsellors work with clients on an on-going basis.


Just because your circumstance doesn't fall into any of the above categories, doesn't mean we can't help. Our counsellors are all highly trained, with years of experience across many different areas of counselling, not just their specific field of expertise. Whatever you need to talk about, there will always be someone at Push Talk who can help.

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