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Do I need to download the app?

Not at all - the consultation is the same experience across both the website and the app. Using the app will not grant you extra functionality, but is recommended for ease of use.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

You can still consult a counsellor via the website - while a smartphone or at least a web camera is recommended for the optimal experience, you can still speak to a counsellor via microphone only during a consultation.

Example Booking
Example Booking

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How secure is this service? Will my consultation be confidential?

Your consultation will be completely confidential - the same as if you were speaking to a counsellor in their own office. And with SSL technology encrypting and protecting your information, you can be sure of the privacy of any information transmitted through Push Talk.

What can I get advice on?

We have many counsellors available, all with many years of experience in a wide range of fields, so there will always be someone who can offer you advice on your situation. Push Talk focuses on the following counselling areas: Educational, Marriage and Family, Mental Health, Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse. However, when booking your appointment you can choose the Other option if none of these areas apply to your situation.

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How does an online consultation work?

Online therapy works exactly the same as in-person therapy. Your initial consultation is a chance for you and your therapist to get to know each other. Your therapist will want to find out the main things you look to get out of having therapy. By giving an insight to your therapist, they can then draw up a plan for the future and how you will be able to work together to best achieve your goals.

How do I attend my appointment?

Once you have made an account, you can access the 'book an appointment' section of the site or app, and select the next available appointment at a time that works for you. Shortly before the time of your appointment, you will be able to enter a virtual waiting room, and when the counsellor is free, they will begin the online consultation.

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